WXHR held the subject training of internet way of thinking and marketing landing

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WXHR held the subject training of internet way of thinking and marketing landing

Date:2015-10-28    Views:3256

On June 8th, Sun Ping,a contributing trainer and internet marketing expert from Alibaba, gave a one-day subject training named “internet way of thinking and marketing landing” to executive levels of WXHR.

The training took the internet way of thinking’s upgrading and landing as the core.It is a good way for trainees to understand the internet’s convenience,easy operation and extensiveness and have a deep impression of the eternal laws of the internet:the only constant is changing all the time;the eternal core is user experience!

The training supplied new ideas for trainees. Trainer Sun guided trainees’ way of thinking in a variety of forms through many vivid cases. In the training, trainees understood the relationship between network marketing and the times, during which reflected the required innovative thinking way of management and enhanced the theme “ability improving of management” to peak. Through the training, every trainee will pay more attention to the change of thinking, improve their personal ability and perfect company’s services.

Over 30 staffs from headquarters and branches of WXHR participated in the training,general manager included. All participants cherished the opportunity of learning. The learning atmosphere is very good, they took notes carefully and asked questions actively as if being back to students. ( WXHR training department)

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