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Home shopping customer-service call

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Home shopping customer-service call (social insurance,accumulation fund,three-day work,one-day rest administrative work hours,over 3000 yuan monthly)

Responsibilities:to contact VIP customers with service to drive sales, to recommend popular products,in order to do business for the second time through various marketing methods.to achiever personal goals during marketing activities by accurate member data provided by the company. To follow the intention of customers, maintain existing members,provide high quality service and products to meet the needs of different customers.

Qualifications: telephone service experience is preferred;standard mandarin,articulate, good communication skills,be familiar with simply computer operation;enthusiasm work attitude,good execution and teamwork spirit.

Work hours: from 9 am to 6 pm,

Salary:probation period basic salary 2000(basic salary+allowance+attendance bonus)+commission+star employee benefits(400-2000)

For full membership employees,social insurance,accumulation fund,basic salary2200(basic salary+attendance bonus)+commission+star employee benefits(400-2000)

Address:Hehuan Road 20 Hefei high-tech zone Anhui Province
Tel:0371-06342795 18055150645 (Teacher Luo)

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