Last Minute Entertaining For Unplanned Guests

You’re having a super lazy Sunday morning, when all of a sudden you hear your text message alert go off on your phone…

“Hi Friend! I’m in town and planning on stopping by! See you in a bit!”

Oh. Hell. No.

Of course you want to see your best friend from your junior year, but you also want to just have a super chill and stress-free kinda day. And then to top it off,  going out to the grocery store to get some drinks and snacks feels a bit like walking into the office on your day off–something you really don’t wan’t to do! But at the same time, you do want to make a good impression and make your friend feel welcomed…

Here are some of my favorite things to have on hand for last minute entertaining:

1. Fancy (Paper) Napkins: One of my favorite things to pick up whenever I am out browsing through the shelves (and clearance section) of my favorite home goods or department stores are printed paper napkins. They are low cost and make a big impression on you guests. I personally think that napkins with a quirky quote or feminine print can set the mood for a fun or elegant rendezvouz, no matter HOW last minute it is!

2. Easy To Make Snacks- Most unplanned guests who are stopping by do not (or should not) expect you to prepare an entire feast in honor of their visit, but it is nice to have a little snack to welcome them with. Some snack ideas I love to have on hand and that are simple to prepare would be refrigerated cookie dough (because who DOESN’T love chocolate chip cookies, right?), cheese and crackers, or even something simple like chips and salsa. Having these little items stocked up and on hand will save you plenty of time and loads of stress. 

3. A bottle of wine- I make an effort to keep a nice bottle chilling in the fridge, whether it is for a drink at home with my husband at dinnertime, or for when my last minute guests come by (I get a lot of last minute guests nowadays). It’s nice to catch up over snacks and a glass of wine, and it makes all those selfies you’ll snap with each other look a lot more sophisticated, almost as if you had BOTH planned the get together days ago!

4. Water Goblets- Now, if by chance you do not drink or you happened to finish your last bottle because you were soooooo NOT expecting company, then that’s no biggie when you have beautiful water goblets! It will make drinking water, lemonade, or whatever else you have on hand feel even more refreshing and will make your last minute guests feel like you really went out of your way with little details, even on such  late notice! I can usually find beautifully crafted water goblets from local department and home good stores for as little as $5 a piece! 

After you have had the pleasure of hosting a few last minute (or even unexpected) guests, you will know exactly what you need to keep on hand so that you do not stress out about entertaining. 

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