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Why I Love My Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

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My interest in pink himilayan salt was pretty superficial. You probably know by now that if it is pink or has the word “pink” in its name, it’s something that will spark my attention. But these lamps have more benefits to it than just simply being pink and gorgeous.
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First of all, the lamp itself is literally a big chunk of beautiful salt (I did lick it a little bit to see for myself if this was true, and yes, I found it out to be salt lol). It is the same salt that they use in some inhalers to treat asthma and allergy symptoms, and that is just one of the health benefits amongst many.
It is also made up of components that purifys the air in the room by attracting water vapor, allergens, mold, and bacteria. And (without getting all super science-y on you), it balances out the negative and positive energy from all the electricity and airborne illnesses present in your room’s atmosphere.
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I have a lamp in all of the bedrooms in my house because they do so much to cleanse the air and promote sleep! Whenever I light it up about an hour before bedtime, they fall asleep right away without putting up a fight! Works like a charm!
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I HIGHLY recommend you try it out for yourself. The one I have in my bedroom is lit by tealight candles (I stock up on the unscented kind from the dollar tree just to use them for this lamp. The dollar tree tealight votives are cheap and they only stay lit for maybe 2 hours at the longest, so it burns out soon after I fall asleep) but the ones I have in my kids bedrooms are the lamp version and are lit and very lightly warmed up by small night-light sized lightbulbs.
Enough reading about my love for this lamp! Order one for yourself here!
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 Order one for yourself here!

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