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Mother & Daughter Tea Party- Part 1

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If you could see me every morning dropping off my 3 kids to school in the car line, you would see my messy hair, unwashed face, and big t-shirt pajamas ( because all things “ooh la la” goes out of the window when I am sleeping), and you would KNOW I am not a morning person. At all.
Especially on Mother’s Day.
You’d better not wake me up before 9 am on that sacred occasion, because when Mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody going to be happy (jolking you guys)!
In all seriousness, I do like to sleep in when I can, and that is basically one of the two things I request on Mother’s Day. The other thing I request is that everybody tries to keep the house clean for the day.
But to shake things up this year, I thought I would surprise my daughter with a little tea party for just the two of us. After all, she is my oldest child and my only daughter! It would be fun to make this a tradition, and one day when (and if she chooses) to become a Mom, then she can pass the tradtion down to her daughter.
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Today I wanted to share with you what I will be wearing for our tea party. It is a simple but gorgeous lavender dress from Forever 21. It is a color and design that would look great on everyone. It is adorned with delicate ruffles, flowers, and pearly buttons that go almost all the way down in the front (it also has a side zipper to make it easier to get in and out of the dress so you don’t have to use the buttons all the time).
I love the little cutout on the back of the dress. Perfect for spring, summer, and tea parties!

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You can buy it HERE for less than $30 bucks! Seriously a steal.
I also love the Cultured Pink Pearl Necklace that I am wearing. Mine’s was a birthday gift from my parents a few years back, but I found similar ones  you can get here and a less expensive pair here.
I will be sharing with you guys on Monday morning the details and photos of our mother/daughter tea party for two, so please come back to check it out!
And “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the mama bear’s out there! Cheer’s to you and all you do!
Click the pics to get more info on these featured pieces:
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