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Mother & Daughter Tea Party- Part 2

Last week I shared with you my plans and outfit for a small tea party for me and my daughter. (You can catch up on that post HERE).
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There have been 10 Mother’s Day’s that have come and gone since I have been a mom myself. Of course it’s nice to be celebrated and to have my family show their appreciation for all of the hard work I do as a mom (not surgarcoating how much work and sacrifice goes into being a good mom) .
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But this year I realized that holidays, big and small, are a good way to create memories and start or carry on traditions with the people you love. So I didn’t want to make Mother’s Day totally all about myself  (and of course, sharing the only holiday that belongs to you is a typical “mom” move! Hahaha!)
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My daughter, Bella, (she was born around the “Twilight” book and movie era, can you tell? lol) is 10 years old. She is my first child and my one and only daughter, so I really wanted to start a new mother’s day tradition that one day if and when she has kids, (no pressure darling), and if one of them happens to be a girl, she can carry the tradition on.
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Starting an annual Mother’s Day tea party for just the two of us is someting that Bella and I will remember forever. When she was a little girl, she LOVED tea parties (she even has her own china tea set). It was adorable how she would dress up in her princess costumes, put on a ton of blush and lipstick, and wear all the jewelry her little body could hold. But as she got older and busier with school and extracurricular activites, tea parties have taken a backseat.
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That is why an annual Mother-Daughter tea party for just the two of us would be a perfect excuse to dress up, have tea, and bring back the little girl in her for a couple of hours no matter how old she gets (or think she is lol).
FullSizeRender (32)
As for the tea party itself, we had lemonade and tea, and a few kid friendly snacks. As she gets older, we willd definitely be incorporating more tea sandwiches and selections, but I thought this was a good starting point for this year.
FullSizeRender (30)
Bella is not the frilly girly-girl she was growing up, so she picked out a very simple and comfy dress. Details on my lavender dress from Forever 21 can be found HERE and from my post last week HERE.
IMG_7187 (1)FullSizeRender (37)
I do have two other children (twin boys age 6 that I will introduce to you all later), but I think this is just a special thing to do to connect even more with your daughter.
I hope all you mama’s out there had a beautiful Mother’s Day!

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