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Last Minute Thanksgiving Table Setting

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which at this point in time, I am usually making last minute preparations, and, in typical Megan fashion, I am usually a big ball of stress, running around town looking like a headless chicken trying to find ingredients to make pies and stuffing! Thankfully, I started using a grocery delivery service, so they took on the task of finding each item on my grocery list, standing in the long lines, and driving in the infamous California traffic that all Californian’s hate.

thanksgiving tablescape 3

We have a Thanksgiving tradition here in our family. We usually start eating a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal together … for breakfast!!!

It get’s tricky and tiresome every year to make sure everything is cooked and prepared to enjoy the few moments of the holiday we have with my husband at home, but it is so worth it! I love using my mother-in-law’s delicious recipes that she passed down to me over a decade ago. I also love setting the Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 5

Whenever I imagine decorating for fall events that I host, a neutral palette full of browns, oranges, or grays, added with some greenery come to mind as appropriate colors to represent the season. Well today in Southern California, it is a whopping 93 degrees, and it has been pretty warm most of the month, so I was inspired to create a lighter tablescape for our Thanksgiving feast.

I used a tablecloth gifted to me from my mother, (love her!), that she purchased from target in the summer time. A burlap runner  in the center is what brought the rustic, cozy, fall feel to the table.

Thanksgiving tablescape 2

I love the little blue roses in the center of the vintage china plates that we will be dining on. I’ve had this china set for years now, but it rarely gets used, so anytime that it matches something, I jump on the opportunity to pull them out because look at them! They are just gorgeous!

Thanksgiving Tablescape 6

Tomorrow, I want the food to be the stars of the feast, so using all white serving pieces and decor will help the food to do just that.

Well Diary, it’s time to for me to get cooking (and it’s also time for me to find my stretchy-est stretch pants because YOU KNOW I’m gonna be all about that Mac-n-cheese, potato salad, pie, and banana pudding tomorrow. F*** the diet! It’s thanksgiving!)

Thanksgiving tablescape 4


Happy Thanksgiving!

xx Megan XX

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