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A “Grown Sexy” Holiday Dress Under $50

Dear Diary,

I seriously cannot believe that the year is almost over.

I mean, do you ever wonder WHERE does time go when it parts with us? All of those past holidays and special moments just disappear into thin air along with the seconds, minutes, and days. All that we have left to document the time is, if we are lucky, a photograph. Or a post in a diary or journal. Kind of depressing, but also kind of inspirational. Makes me want to wake up and cease the f*** out of each day. IMG_1911This year, I want to make the MOST of the time we have for the holidays. I am always in the mood for a good party.  This time of the year is all about creating more happy memories with my family and good friends to look back & smile on in the future.sparklyholiday88

Something that makes all of the parties and events more fun is dressing up!

And Mistletoe! (Lots and lots of mistletoe) (Cue my huz…) (Huz….wtf are you? I just summoned you with this mistletoe) (Oh yeah….most cops work during the holidays and when you are a LEO wife, you end up going to most events on your own, darn it. Time to put away the mistletoe… until the end of his shift….*wink-wink*)

Image 12-5-17 at 4.05 PM

And Diary,  when you are a stay-at-home-mom, the days of getting fancy are few and far in between, so it’s kind of a big deal to get to get decked out in my best outfits for whatever the occasion calls for, put on makeup, and ditch the flip flops for actual shoes.

sparkly-pink-holiday 10

This year I have already RSVP’d to a few big events, so I thought I’d plan out what I will wear to them. This look I am sharing with you is what I’d like to call my Sparkly Pink Holiday Dress. Sounds way elementary, buuuuut, Diary, you have to admit, it is one beautiful, “grown-sexy” dress, right??! And to top it off, I got it at Windsor for under $50.


Well Diary, off to the first holiday party tonight, I’ll be sure to bring you back some eggnog or a Christmas cookie!

Image 12-3-17 at 4.54 PM








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