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Create A Photo Backdrop Wall Using Fresh Roses DIY

Dear Diary,

This year I am in charge of hosting my family’s annual Christmas get-together. You know me…I love to plan out parties, especially for the holidays! The thing is, most times my planning can go overboard really quickly, and then when it comes time to implement all of the things I wanted to have or do at the event, my time, ability, and budget just roll their eyes at me. Those little b******. They can be such know-it-alls sometimes! Geesh!

DIY Rose Backdrop 4

I know, I know…. I for sure do not have a party budget of a Kardashian, but I really want to create an elegant party and stay within my budget.

DIY Flower Backdrop 2

Something I love to have at any of my parties are photo ops for my guests to enjoy. It’s just another way for everyone to create their own keepsake of a great moment spent with good friends and family. This year, I wanted to create a backdrop that my guests will be able to take beautiful, elegant selfies and portraits with.

Originally I wanted this years backdrop to be a mini-forest of real Douglas-fir Christmas trees, covered with real snow and have a little polar bear cub sitting next to Santa & Mrs Claus, who would of course be holding a plate of freshly baked cookies, all while a (real) Christmas angel flew overhead tooting on a French horn. Buuuuuut, I checked my party budget, again, and unfortunately, it just wasn’t going to cover all of that for this year’s backdrop.


However, Diary, I did have a small bouquet of petite roses ($5.99 @ Trader Joes), a pair of scissors, and some decorative tape from target I picked up for a buck, So, I went to work with what I had and stopped contemplating which friend I could ask to help me rob a bank to afford my uber expensive (and ridiculous) original photo backdrop concept (besides, I don’t think I could afford to ask God to lend me a real angel for the night of the party)…

diy flower wall 10

I started by snipping the rosebud making sure to keep 1-2 inches of the stem. Then I took 1-2 inch pieces of the decorative tape and taped it onto the wall forming a little backdrop. I wanted to make sure I made it tall enough to cover my tallest guest and wide enough so that a couple of people can take a photo together if they want.



The result: a beautiful, elegant, even kinda romantic backdrop that is still very festive thanks to the deep red color of the roses. I guess I could have also used white and it still would look lovely.
DIY Rose Backdrop Wall 7

Not only is it a photo backdrop for the party, it is also transforms my plain living room wall into a beautiful work of art.

Diary, I SWEAR it will make my guests selfies that much more gorgeous.

DIY Rose Wall 8

DIY Rose Backdrop Wall 9


Image 12-3-17 at 4.54 PM


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