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2018 Goal-Digger

Dear Diary,

2017 was honestly an AWESOME year for me and my family. We have all reached so many goals and it felt so good to celebrate together. My husband started the year by becoming a Training Officer at his station. He also began writing again. My daughter moved up a level in ballet and is now dancing on Pointe! I’m so proud of that girl and very few things in life make me happier than watching her dance beautifully on pointe.

My little twin boys have had a great year finishing up kindergarten and beginning first grade, making friends, and FINALLY peeing INSIDE the toilet (most of the time, but its progress)…


I do not like to brag or talk about myself very much, buuuuuut, I am glad that I really pushed “publish” on my blog and put myself out there. For someone as introverted as I am, allowing myself to be vulnerable and to let people into some of my inner-most thoughts and opinions is super scary, so yeah….I thought that was pretty darn cool. And fun.

But, I did have to close the door on 2017.

And Diary, I took this past week to really think about what’s in store for this new year.

This year, I am looking forward to turning 30. Something I once feared is right around the corner, so I am just going to embrace it and enjoy it. Forehead lines, little slivers of gray hair, and all. It’s a privilege to be alive 30 years, so why not?

Happy New Year

Some of my goals this year are to: 

  1. Be present– Less time on instagram, facebook, and Pinterest. More quality time with my kids. More time outdoors. Enjoy my time in traffic by listening to music. Lingering longer at home.
  2. Spend Less on THINGS, More Memories– I eat takeout way too much. I also buy the most ridiculous sh*t you can think of juuuuust because it’s on sale. I’d rather take a nice weekend getaway with my family every month (or when huz’s schedule allows him to), with the money we spend on eating out and buying junk.
  3. Manage my social anxiety- It’s pretty cray how I avoid a lot of people and social settings because of it. Time to get over it. For realz.
  4. Create More- More DIYs, more recipes, more blog posts. The only way to become better at my craft is to continuously be creating and writing. No more long hiatus’ unless it’s really necessary.

Happy New Year 4

Well Diary, I hope 2018 brings you all the love, peace, prosperity, and happiness in the world!

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