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6 Tips For Hosting A Gal-entines Get Together

Dear Diary,

My huz and I have NEVER been into Valentines Day!

In the 18 years we’ve known each other, we have never elected to participate, not because we (more like I) am a cheapskate sometimes, but because we have just never really got into it.

Buuuuut, the last few years, I have enjoyed using Valentines Day as an excuse to get together with some of my closest gal pals just to catch up and craft!

Here are some of my tips for hosting a fun & memorable Galentines Get Together:Le Diary Galentines Day 2

  1. Invite a SMALL group of your closest friends. Not only will it be more intimate this way, but it will also keep costs to a minimum and will allow you to spoil your best pals even more!

2. Don’t Be Embarrassed To Make Your Decorations EXTRA girly & Kitchy! Go ahead, be SUPER EXTRA with all the pinks, reds, hearts, and flowers! No shame girl, no shame…Le Diary Galentines Party 8

Le Diary Galentines Day 43. Whats on my menu? Something Simple, of course! I like to serve pre-made Lasagna, a side salad, dinner rolls, and fruit. I always invite my guests to bring their favorite dessert to share and we usually end up having a nice variety.Le Diary Galentines Day 34. Take Photos – I like to create easy backdrops for parties by finding festive wrapping paper and hanging it on the wall.  It’s fun to look back over the years and see the goofy pics and the nice ones as well.

5. For party favors, I like to give my gals cute but practical little goodies that they can use, but I don’t like to go over my (tiny) budget, so this year I am going to put all of the extra makeup and beauty samples I’ve acquired over the last few months into a heart shaped dish and let them fill up these festive drawstring bags with whatever they choose. IMG_3005

Le Diary Galentines Party 66. Do something fun together- Most all of my guests agree that breaking bread and chatting with the other guests as well as playing a game together or crafting is very therapeutic and simply just fun.Le Diary Galentines PartyDiary, this is my idea of a perfect Valentines Day. Spreading the love to my gal pals who usually need to break from their daily duties of motherhood and just have fun being creative and talking to someone who ISN’T wearing a diaper.

So my dear Diary, will you be joining us as well for the Galentine’s festivities? Don’t forget to wear something pink!

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