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The BEST Deodorant For Super Sweaty Ladies

Dear Diary,

I have a secret to tell you….and up until now, it has seriously been one of my BIGGEST SECRETS EVER.
Le Diary The Best Deodorant For Super Sweaty Ladies
I am seriously a sweaty lady. Don’t laugh…I honestly cannot help it. At all.
I’ve tried tons of products and deodorants. It seems like a lot of them are either not strong enough, or have given me a rash under my arms, or feels uncomfortable, so I literally didn’t wear deodorant for an entire year. Maybe longer.
In the year that I didn’t wear any deodorant, I sweat so much. I know I smelled bad sometimes (most times) and so I would have to  take at least 3 showers a day (true story). My husband even suggested things, even to try wearing men’s deodorant or go to the doctor for a prescription. I was legit embarrassed, but what TF could I do about it??
Then, last week, the clouds parted, and a great light shone above my head, and I heard a kind and gentle voice tell me to go on to and look for deodorant there.
 Le Diary Best Deodorants For Super Sweaty Ladies
Okay, so that last part was not completely true.
But I did have to order my husbands deodorant on amazon (he recently switched to an all natural deodorant and it is easier to find it online than in the store), and when I was ordering his, I came across my new deodorant.
Primal Pit Paste. It was destiny that I found it. Seriously. It works. I was hesitant to spend $10 on it, but after reading the awesome reviews by other sweaty a** babes,  I knew that it had to work for me too. And to top it off, it is all natural and aluminum free.
So I ordered the Jasmine scent (it also comes in lavender scent), and the second I opened the jar I got excited.  It smelled amazing and feminine, not chemical-y and overpowering.
It comes with a little popsicle stick to apply a pea-sized amount over your arm pit areas. It dried quickly and didn’t feel sticky or wet at all. It actually felt like I was wearing nothing (and let me remind you…I literally wore nothing under my arms for over a year, so this actually felt BETTER than nothing!) Many hours later, I did a (secret) armpit sniff test, and they both were still dry and smelled like the fresh and fragrant jasmine.
 Le Diary The Best Deodorant For Super Sweaty Ladies 2
So, my dearest Diary, I know there are so many other ladies out there that have super sweaty pits and don’t deserve to. I mean, I know what it is like to have good hygiene, but not being able to help the sweat and must that comes along with it. It sucks. It’s embarrassing. And it doesn’t even have to be a thing to worry about anymore because of this amazing product. I wish I could meet the person who came up with Primal Pit Paste. I would seriously have to kiss them…
Image 12-3-17 at 4.54 PM
Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Primal Pit Paste, however, by clicking on the product links and/or making a purchase, I may receive compensation from the affiliate links.

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