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6 Ideas To Plan The Ultimate Relaxing Staycation

Dear Diary,

I am a total homebody and after a week of sitting in freeway traffic, standing in long grocery store lines, and sitting for hours at dance practices and hockey games, there is nothing I look forward to more than getting home to relax…

Sure, it would be nice to have more getaways and spa days, but lets be honest, when you are married to a cop it is hard to plan (long or short term) around their schedule and with 3 kids it’s next to impossible to always get a babysitter when you need one.

My solution, Diary? Planning out a day full of inspired relaxation in your own home.

The keyword is “Planning.” Just like a vacation, a stay-cation takes a little thought and preparation, but that is what makes it different than just spending a lazy day at home with nothing to do.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you plan the most relaxing staycation:

Something I always look forward to on vacation is a nice and hearty breakfast or brunch. Indulge in buttery pancakes or waffles topped with fresh whipped cream and a side of fluffy eggs and sausage. Fresh squeezed juice and a side of fruit. And you MUST eat them on your fanciest dishes because, after all, today is not a normal day at home–you’re on your staycation! Eat it in your pajamas from your bed or if it is warm enough, sit outside on your patio. 

Prep Tip: Prepare the batter, and chop the fruit the night before so that you will not have to worry about washing dishes on your “staycation.”  Also, Do not watch TV while eating because chances are, you will get sucked into your show or movie and will end up staying there for the next couple of hours (if not all day), and won’t get around to enjoying your entire staycation!

Pick up the book you have actually been meaning to open up or finish and actually READ IT! Throw a super cozy blanket on your lap and keep a simple snack (think popcorn), in a bowl next to you to encourage you to stay lost in your book a little longer.

If taking a bath, USE THE BUBBLES!!! While bathing, use the exfoliator samples and face masks you’ve been meaning to try and just relax. When you step out of the shower, make sure there is a nice, fluffy towel or robe to greet you. Moisturize, brush your hair, do your nails, wax, and whatever else you would do at a spa.

Prep Tip: Put the kids down for a nap first if you know that they will knock a hundred times on the bathroom door whenever they know you are in there to raise your chances of obtaining complete tranquility.

Go for a nice walk, ride your bike, or rollerblade around the neighborhood, making sure to observe the scenery, flowers, foliage, and people.

Before dinner, have a nice snack (think wine and cheese and crackers) outside on your patio or on a picnic blanket set on your front lawn. If you have a pool or jacuzzi, have a cocktail and observe the sunset from there. If you have a park nearby, bring your snack, picnic blanket, and kids! It would be nice to take your kids and let them burn off energy while you take in the sunset and reflect on your relaxing day.

End your day with listening to some relaxing music and having a cup of non-caffeinated tea. If you have a fireplace or fire pit, light it up, and make s’mores.

My biggest tip is to prepare the night before–Prep the breakfast, snacks, and s’mores so they are ready to go. Set out your fanciest dishes to be used for dining at breakfast time. Hang your fluffiest towels and bathrobe in your bathroom. Set the fire logs in the fire pit or fireplace so all you have to do is ignite it. Make sure the wine is chilling in the fridge (trust me, you don’t want to forget that one)!

Also, during your staycation, be present. Disconnect with the outside world for a few hours by turning off your apps and silencing your ringer, buuuut, do remember to take a few photos to post later on, not to brag, but to encourage other women to create a “staycation” of their own because I’m sure they can use a mini-retreat too!

Diary, I hope you know that you are worthy and deserving of a day to relax. Now excuse me, I have a fire pit that is ready to be lit and some s’mores that are begging to be devoured.

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